Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey all who read this. I made a new blog due to my new married life...start reading that one!


Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm Getting Married!

So I realized my last post was about how I had a great day. Well…things have gotten a lot better than that day. Most people (all 3 of you) probably already know that I am ENGAGED! Wooo! Lots of people ask how we met and how he proposed so now you can all just read this little post of our love story all you want. Scott and I met at church, not so exciting, but we try and come up with ways that sound a little more exciting than that but they all just sound to stupid. So being the aggressive person I strived to be my 2nd semester at school I went and talked to the cute brown haired brown eyes boy in Sunday school. After that we saw and hung out with each other every day until July when the semester was over. But I did get to go see him in August! I knew that I wanted to marry Scott about 2 weeks after meeting him. I would have been fine marrying him then but we knew that we needed to wait a little longer. When Scott proposed we had been dating for about 9 months which is about 7 years at BYU-Idaho. About a week before he proposed we had driven by a Thai resturaunt where I told him I had never had Thai food before. So our next date night we went there. I kinda knew something was going on so I went shopping before the date. We ate dinner at the resturaunt and when we left Scott handed me a fortune cookie. I hadn’t seen any fortune cookies and didn’t see Scott grab it but I wasn’t concerned. Now I have a tradition of eating the whole cookie before reading the fortune so that was my plan. As Scott was sitting there watching me slowly eat the cookie with his hand in his pocket he told me to just read the fortune and not worry about eating the cookie, so I read the fortune and inside was a hand written fortune that said “Marry Me”, so I said yes duh! So now me and Scott are getting married July 23, 2011 in the Boise Idaho Temple. I cant wait. I love Scott so much. He knows exactly how to make me feel better and how to calm me down. He puts up with whatever I do and loves to have fun and he makes me laugh every day. I cant wait to marry him and to move into our new home together. I’m excited to start this new adventure with my best friend.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So yesterday was one of those days where you just really have to blog about it. Lately I've been in the mood of, hating school, working out too much, having no money, and being a little homesick. BUT yesterday was just one of those feel good days. First was at work, I got to go in a little later than 7:45 so I wouldnt go over hours makin those big bucks! Then its RAISE time which means MORE MONEY!! After that, I got to watch THE BACHELOR with Scott (he secretly loves it), THEN, it gets better, my visual media teacher gave us an extra credit assignment which means its optional and I dont really need the extra credit but still ideas just kept flowin through my head. I just wish I was a little more creative on the computer. But WAIT its not over...after my class GLEE was on. This is my favorite show and I'm so happy the season has finally started. And it was a Valentines one which inspired me to wear Valentine-ish colors, like purple, and pink and red. I just love that show. Impressed so far? Well then... I've never really been able to run a full mile without stopping to walk. Make that stopping to run. I dont do running very well. Well this time I ran the ENTIRE miles and added on a SECOND mile running about half of that. Thats the end. It was great! Definately made me a happy person! Now whoever reads this....I hope you have a GREAT DAY as well!
p.s. my favorite part about Glee is Puck. I think one day I'll have a child that looks as good as him. who knows, I might name him Puck! (probably not, but he might have the same hair)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas, The Smaller the Better?

I know I'm always late on posting stuff but here we gooo....

This Christmas it was time for a quiet one again. Of course it was only quiet on the actual Christmas Day-where it was just me and Sam. AGAIN. Now of course I never complain on these Christmases and I will be the first to admit that we get TOTALLY SPOILED! My parents are the greatest and give us way tooo much! For Christmas Eve dinner (my idea) we went to PF Changs-no one complained about the untraditional dinner. Then we opened our pajamas which was a total shock! ;) And then me and Sam watched a movie. On Christmas Day it only took us about an hour, after I woke EVERYBODY up at 8:00, to open all our presents. We later went to Melinda and Harris' house to see what all they got and then went to Megamind later that day. But then the next day Misty and Scott, their twins and Kenzie, and Melinda and Harris and their kids were over, allll week. We definately missed Whitney and Wess this year and because Wess wasnt there we didnt get as many pictures taken for Christmas. I cant wait till next year when everyone is together. Who knows, maybe our family will be even bigger!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm Thankful For...

My family
*A mom that is a best friend
*A dad that will always call me pumpkin, and cuddle with me
*A brother in Boise that helped me understand what was going on in football.
*A sister in Florida who I can relate to with almost anything and swap school papers. A brother in law in Florida who sends me sweet messages on facebook
*A sister in Boise who does my hair for FREE and watches movies with me late at night. A brother in law in Boise who takes me on sweet dates and movies.
*A sister in Rigby who makes me dinner every Sunday and lets me use her washer and dryer AND laundry soap FOR FREE! A brother in law in Rigby who calls me LOSER every day probably since the day I met him.
*A boyfriend who, takes me on dates, brings me lunch when I work all day and “forget” to make one. Treats me to my favorite place ever…DISNEYLAND!
*A school that has people with the same standards as me, and is CHEAPER!
*A car that I can drive to the grocery store
*A job so that I can buy super cute clothes. I mean groceries
*A memory foam mattress. Without it I’d probably cry myself to sleep
*An ipod touch so that I have some kind of texting so I don’t get bored in class. I mean…what?
*Every High School Musical, 17 Again, Hairspray, and Charlie St. Cloud (I think you know why)
*Hannah Montana. Yes I am thankful for Hannah Montana
*A cell phone, that still works after 3 years and dropped in water once.
*A blender. Even though I would LOVE a VITAMIX
*A warm apartment after coming in from the snow, even though it wasn’t snowing when I walked to class.
*Zebra print. Without it I wouldn’t have a bedspread OR a snuggie
*Sweats. Because 6 o’clock is just too late to have jeans on
Theres so much more that I am grateful for but these are just a few of my favorite things!

Monday, November 8, 2010


It started off carving 'puckins' at Misty at Scott's. It was a blast and McKenzie had so much fun! The next day we went to Boo at the Zoo. McKenzie went as a punk rocker chick and got PINK HAIR!

So this year I was super excited for Halloween. I couldnt wait to do a "couple" costume with Scott (who wasnt too excited) until he got the call that he had to work from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. I was devistated but he wasnt too upset. But I ended up having fun anyways. On friday night starting at 1:00 a.m me and my roommates decided to watch a scary movie. This was my first scary movie without a "man" to "sit" next to and I dont think I'll ever do it again. We watched the others which is my newly hated movie. Since we didnt go to bed until about 4 o'clock we stayed in our pajamas mostly the entire day. Then we all got ready for our ward party! I went as a punk rocker, or Hannah Montana. I prefer Hannah. Then after being out of our jammys for 2 hours we decided it was time to get back in them, went home and watched Hocus Pocus.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Ok, so I know its not summer anymore but I'm just trying to fill everyone in on my life. So a couple of events happened in the summer that just kept be left untold! First I was in school for half the summer :( only because thats the way my track goes, so I decided to stay in Rexburg the whole summer and help my sister out since she had TWINS! They were born July 8th, and their names are Brodee Scott (stolen from me) and Sadie Marie (personally should have been Sadie Erin) but they are so cute and I love them so much! I'm so proud of my sister and it just makes Misty so much more amazing!

The picture is when they were teeny tiny...dont worry I'll put new ones up soon!


The next event was my trip to CALIFORNIA. I went to go see Scott and we had fun at Disneyland and the beach. At Disneyland we got to play V.I.P and go to a fancy resturant for "members only" called Club 33. It was AMAZING and soo much fun. We felt a little inadequate because usually you are old or famous if you go so people probably thought we were just really rich and famous. Turns out we are neither. I also made the first stop be Pixie Hollow since I WILL someday be Tinker Bell. I think he felt a little weird being in line with a bunch of little girls. I didnt really care. I think he got me back by embarrassing me by telling Tinker Bell I want to be here. Its not a very comfortable situation when you tell a fairy youre taking over her job! We'll see though. California was amazing and I want to go back!!